The Future of Education Post-COVID

The education systems in . Students from less privileged backgrounds have experienced more negative impacts than most due to a lack access to the required technology for learning — or even money to sponsor homeschooling programs. Those from wealthy families have not suffered that much. They can afford to hire private teachers who can teach their children from the comfort of their homes. The pandemic has deepened education inequalities, and education experts are in the spirit of developing ways in which education can emerge stronger from this pandemic.

The pandemic has led many parents to begin teaching their children. Educators view it as a great practice that should be sustained even after the pandemic subsides. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced education innovation in most of the education systems globally. Based on the recent survey done in 59 countries by education surveyors of the universal center for education, Fernando Reimers and Andreas Schleicher noted that: “The crisis has revealed the enormous potential for innovation that is dormant in many education systems.”

Innovations have broadly developed during the pandemic, and if sustained it can help the students get the education that prepares them for changing times. The appreciation of schools by the public raised due to the pandemic. This is according to the information shared by parents on social media platforms as they struggled to manage between taking care of their children at home and working. Societies have recognized that schools and teachers play a significant role in their children’s lives as they offer academic learning and how to live in the community. The recognition for the essential role of education has been witnessed globally, and if sustained, it can help the education system come back better than ever before.

Recently the concept of learning ecosystems has emerged to create opportunities for providing collaboration among schools, government organizations, community organizations, and media in providing education. It has been evidenced that when students engage in learning outside school, it can be of help in developing skills in different fields. It acknowledged that if the emerging policies of education adopted during the pandemic are sustained, the education system might rise again better than before. For now, the educational system is prepared for such pandemics.

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